Canoe Creek Embraces Farmhouse Trends

It’s no surprise that Americans are embracing the “Farmhouse” look in their homes. You never know what you have until you start feeling nostalgic about a battered old fence that ran behind the wooden hen-house, or those chicken-wire baskets for washed lettuce. Well good news- Neal Communities is inviting back that substantive joy of the … Continue reading Canoe Creek Embraces Farmhouse Trends


Media Theory Analysis: John Hancock

John Hancock was gifted with divine powers but lacked morals. Hancock spent most of his nights passed out on a park bench, bearing the weight of depression and alcoholism. He lived of a life of loneliness that not only affected him, but everyone in his path. Hancock’s attempts to rescue people in need always led … Continue reading Media Theory Analysis: John Hancock

Autoethnographic Research

A Search to Understand: The Truth About Coping with a Sibling's Mental Illness In the state of Florida there are around 850,000 individuals suffering from mental illness every day. These people often experience social and economic marginalization and are limited to objective research. Unfortunately, this marginalization does not just stop at people with mental disorders; … Continue reading Autoethnographic Research

Hottest Pool Trends

Rectangle pools are the most popular and classic pool design that’s trending today. Designed for practicality and visual interest, rectangle pools provide a spacious area for relaxation and enjoyment. The overwhelming benefits and add-ons to choose from will leave you captivated with the best of both worlds,  beautiful and affordable. Rectangle pools are reaping with benefits … Continue reading Hottest Pool Trends


Trends typically come and go with the seasons and then there’s ones that stick throughout the years. Why? Well, some trends just make sense to everyone; and sun shelves are one of them.  Pool trends that are featured at your favorite spa resort are probably not on your budget-friendly wish-list or even appear attainable. However, now … Continue reading Sunshelves

How women of any age can embrace their curls

Three generations of different hair styles open up about how they’ve mastered looking their best at any age- and through every trend. Having two parents with curly hair, I was pretty much doomed to have a lions mane. I’m twenty years old and still remember being nicknamed “Shirley Temple” when I was a little girl … Continue reading How women of any age can embrace their curls

Safe Place Foundation

The mind and body are constantly working together to properly function. Thus, mental health is just as important to one’s survival as physical health. A person’s physical health is made up of several factors, physical activity, hygiene, nutrition and diet, sleep and rest- all factors that are directed by mental health. Fitness centers in the … Continue reading Safe Place Foundation